We speak the language of the workshop.

Your goal: 100% workshop and service performance.

From the appointment to the invoice: We take a very close look at how good your service is.
We'll show you right away what your workshop really does and how it gets better.
Your customer will thank you for it.
The effects on your image can be dramatic, especially with press tests.
Of course, the customer also critically evaluates the workshop performance.
Reason enough to establish instruments that guarantee 100% workshop performance for every vehicle passage.

Our modular investigation methods detect your potential.


  Our Approach:


  • Appointment
  • Fictitious appointment with local indicator

    Checking original wording of customer (technology, accessories)

    Capacity planning check

    Cancellation of the appointment at the dealership by a coach

  • Dealership
  • Optical evaluation

    Anonymous monitoring of service processes

    Acceptance of dialogue

    Service staff workstations,

    Arrangement of counters, customer control

  • Document verification
  • Document verification

    (order, checklist, 
    workshop documentation, service actions, order extension, invoice etc.)

    Several orders

    Private customer vehicles (regular/new customers)

  • 100% After-Check
  • 100% inspection on the basis of the inspection sheet

    Inspection of up to 3 vehicles currently in the workshop

    Potential extrapolation for the year (according to wear accessory categories)

nachhaltig Your added value


  • Conducting a final discussion including prioritised recommendations for measures.
  • Provision of a report with evaluation of all service processes.
  • Realistic representation of the actual situation in aftersales.
  • Significantly higher coaching character compared to the classic workshop test.
  • No customer vehicle / test vehicle necessary!
  • No internal workshop costs!
  • Based on the results of a service analysis, process consulting can follow.